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Domboshava Chicken & Fishery 

River Island Trust acquired 8000sqm of land in Domboshava and fencing of about 6000sqm dedicated for poultry farming. Fencing of the premise is at an advanced stage.

The 2000sqm is reserved for fish farming projects soon to be implemented. Projects in our forecast are meant to empower the less-privileged of the Domboshava community. Our hope is to see the RIT beneficiaries able to sustain themselves financially and live their dreams.

Domboshava community has since setup a poultry farming project within the site. The project is managed by the beneficiaries and is proving to be a success since inception. The progress covered is fascinating and lives are changing for some in our targeted community.


Housing assistance in Domboshava - July, 2021

River Island Trust
responded to assist a burdened single lady raising two daughters in Domboshava community. The beneficiary was a family living in abject poverty and desperate for shelter to sustain her children. RIT Team carried an assessment of the situation and transcribed circumstances leading to the state.

An evaluation of best possible assistance to be rendered the less privileged family was done.

In July 2021, a house built at the supervision of RIT Team handed over to the beneficiary. This family is grateful to be under a roof and life improved.
Many thanks to our RIT team.


Fencing in progress at the RIT Domboshava Projects Site


Poultry farming in Ushewokunze


Harare South Chicken Project in Ushewokunze started mid-2020 with only 50 broiler chickens. At maturity, this batch was sold within a few days and another cycle order was placed for 200 chicks. The order was split into batches of a 100 chicks at each stage to ensure best management approach of the process. The success has seen more newer projects being implemented for other beneficiaries. The projects vary their stages of production and continue to recycle.

Another free-range chicken project was implemented early 2021 for Harare South community.  The project has now over 200 free range chickens, some on sale at our Harare South Project.  

Both projects are run by volunteers and beneficiaries within Harare South catchment area.
The sales revenue and returns supports widows, orphaned youths and the girl-child network.

We aim to see the girl-child continue with education and the widows provide food on their tables.

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