River-Island Trust

“Community Development Is Our Passion”

River Island Trust (RIT) is a Zimbabwean based Community Interest entity.
Our start-up sites are in Harare’s Highfield suburb, Harare South community, and Domboshava area. RIT began its operations with seven beneficiaries in January, 2020 as a pilot project and the numbers increased due to current economic and Covid-19 pandemic.

With the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Zimbabwe, RIT’s main objectives are to offer a variety of life skills to identified beneficiaries ranging from the girl child, widows, orphans, drug addicts, the poor, the disabled and those living with HIV/AIDS within the targeted community.

River-Island Trust engages in a variety of social support and moral building activities. This includes giving assistance to the homeless and re-building the dreams of the needy in various communities. To achieve this, we assess human tragedies and situations in dire need of recuperation.

Our technical team is able to propose and recommend the suitable assistance for those affected in targeted communities.


Domboshava Chicken Project

Domboshava Poultry and Fishery Projects

Harare South Chicken Project

Free-range chicken project expansion 

RIT Beneficiaries

Stop drug abuse and create life skills


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Harare South  Ushewokunze Poultry Project - 2021


RIT project in Harare South Ushewokunze continue to received new stock of day old chicks. Beneficiary assessment and projects implementation in progress. 

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400117 Block 15
Highfield, Harare

Our Aim

Community development, welfare of the girl-child, reduction of drug prevalence and alcohol abuse.
We promote mental health awareness among the youths in the targeted communities.

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